And thus it begins

I’ve made two decisions in the past year. Ok I’ve made way more than just two, but these two were the big ones. The decisions I stayed up late into the night thinking about. The first one was deciding to quit being a professional actor and go back to school for computer science. The second was deciding to quit going back to school to become a Code Fellow.

What’s a Code Fellow you ask?

A Code Fellow is someone who has been accepted into the Code Fellows boot camp in Seattle, WA. Many things may come to mind when you hear the term “boot camp”. There is no jumping over hurdles or climbing walls in this boot camp, at least not in the physical sense. Code Fellows is a year old organization offering month long courses in different technology related topics, mainly programming languages. Why is it called a boot camp? Because we spend seven hours a day in class, and an average of two or three more hours outside of class working on daily assignments. Code Fellows promises that if students put in the work, in eight weeks they will be ready to land a job as a developer. In fact, it’s guaranteed (or your money back).

I am specifically in the iOS Programing Boot camp learning to build apps for the iPhone and iPad. Learning the language of Objective-C. Today is the second day in class and it’s turning out to be a very good decision indeed. I’m going to shoot for a new post everyday talking about what I’ve learned in class and working on my apps. I’ll likely post tips and tricks I’ve picked up, or a paragraph or two describing some interesting aspect of Objective-C, third party frameworks, Xcode etc.

Hopefully you can learn something useful from the things I’m learning.